Welcome to the Global Mammal Parasite Database

These pages contain the data from ungulate (artiodactyls and perissodactyls) and carnivore hosts in the Global Mammal Parasite Database version 2.0. Data from these pages duplicate the published data, available for download as a series of flat files here. For a full description of data sources and variable definitions, see the published metadata. For questions about these data (i.e., data for carnivores and ungulates), contact Patrick R Stephens (prsteph@uga.edu). For questions about primate data or any other aspect of this website, contact Charles Nunn (clnunn@duke.edu).


Stephens, P. R., P. Pappalardo, S. Huang, J. Byers, R. Critchlow, M. J. Farrel, A. Gehman, R. Ghai, S. Haas. B. Han, J. P. Schmidt, S. Altizer, V. Ezenwa, and C. Nunn. 2017. Global mammal parasite database v. 2.0. Ecology 98: 1475.